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    • 22:59
    • 20 Jun

    Slovenia: STA's 30th birthday 'in a precarious situation'

    We urge the government "not to attempt to pressure the media'
    • 19:42
    • 18 Jun

    Festival: MusicAntica in Italy and Slovenia, Dante's legacy

    With 14 concerts. Gibelli, launched by an international network
    • 17:39
    • 17 Jun

    Cinema: Bogre, a journey through European Middle Ages heresy

    By Fredo Valla, on Cathars and Bogomils. On screen in Trieste
    • 19:34
    • 16 Jun

    Festival: music and food concerts across Collio and Brda

    Piccolo Opera Festival kicks off. Preview in Cormons on June 19
    • 10:05
    • 25 May

    Romania overtakes Germany, 3rd in Europe beer consumption

    Czech Rep. first, Italy out of the top 10 countries