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    • 13:31
    • 09 feb

    In the Balkans, Italy and FVG must work synergistically

    Atlantic Committee's commitment to business support in the area
    • 12:06
    • 09 feb

    At the UN Serbia accuses Kosovo of "crime against humanity"

    Kosovo's Prime Minister Albin Kurti defended decision
    • 16:22
    • 08 feb

    Kosovo's Prime Minister Kurti at UN Security Council meeting

    In the evening he will meet Serbian President Vucic
    • 16:35
    • 07 feb

    Serbia says Kosovo blocking delivery of dinar currency

    Belgrade's National Bank strongly condemned today's incident
    • 13:42
    • 07 feb

    Vucic will represent Serbia at the UN SC meeting

    Meeting scheduled for tomorrow in New York
    • 17:31
    • 05 feb

    Italian FM calls for Balkan enlargement before 2030

    At "Friends of the Western Balkans" meeting in Rome
    • 13:57
    • 05 feb

    EU concerned about police operations in Kosovo

    Targeting Serbia-run institutions
    • 21:32
    • 02 feb

    Fedriga, let's boost industrial partnership with the Balkans

    'To reconnect with Western Europe pieces of the supply chain'
    • 13:14
    • 02 feb

    EU on Serbian currency in Kosovo,solution must be negotiated

    'The impact on schools and hospitals is worrying'
    • 09:48
    • 01 feb

    EU 'concerned' about euro introduction among Serbs

    "Absence of prior consultation"
    • 16:25
    • 31 gen

    Kosovo will not 'immediately' enforce ban on Serbia currency

    "We will invest time in informing Serb citizens"
    • 10:58
    • 31 gen

    Serbia: Vucic organises summit to respond to dinar ban

    From tomorrow, only euros will be accepted in Kosovo
    • 12:56
    • 29 gen

    Kosovo, pressure is growing to postpone Serbian dinar ban

    US Ambassador asks for transitional period
    • 15:05
    • 28 gen

    Kosovo, Vucic will meet EU envoy Lajcak tomorrow in Belgrade

    Focus on continuing dialogue with Pristina
    • 12:05
    • 22 gen

    In Skopje meeting on Western Balkans and the EU

    Political leaders attending the summit
    • 18:21
    • 21 gen

    Belgrade, arms supplies to Kosovo a danger for Serbia

    The Minister of Defense warns NATO countries