Soccer: Mancini says bidding for Final Four

TopNews. Italy is bidding for the Final Four in the Nations League against Portugal at the San Siro on Saturday, coach Roberto Mancini said Thursday. "We lost in Portugal after fielding a very young side.


Rugby: Parisse out for Australia game


Captain Sergio Parisse has not recovered from a calf injury and is set to miss Italy's test match against Australia on Saturday November 24, Italy sources said Thursday.


Malagò blasts govt's CONI reform as 'occupation'

TopNews. Giovanni Malagò, the head of Italian Olympic Committee CONI, on Thursday blasted a reform of Italian sport contained in the government's draft budget package. "This is not a reform of Italian sport, it has nothing to do with that," Malagò said.


Soccer: Roma donate 150,000 to Sean Cox family

TopNews. AS Roma said Thursday it had donated 150,000 euros to the family of Sean Cox, an Irish Liverpool fan seriously injured in clashes ahead of a Champions League semi-final first leg last season.

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'Being killed in ever increasing numbers' says Francis

World looks other way on Christian persecution - Pope

The world is "looking the other way" on the persecution of Christians, Pope Francis said Friday at an audience with the Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem. He said Christians "are being killed in ever increasing numbers".

New version to be submitted to Holy See says CEI

Italian Catholic Church changes Lord's Prayer

The Italian Bishops Conference (CEI) said Thursday the text of the Lord's Prayer (Our Father) would change. The new version of the Roman Missal will be submitted to the Holy See for approval, they said.

Pontiff compares gossipers to terrorists in general audience

Gossip kills says Pope Francis

Pope Francis warned that "gossip kills" during his weekly general audience on Wednesday in St Peter's Square.

Will visit Rabat, Casablanca

Pope Francis to go to Morocco in March 2019

Pope Francis will go to Morocco in March 2019, the Vatican said Tuesday.

Decisions often not inspired by solidarity, justice says Francis

Pope Francis blasts poverty in resource-rich world

Pope Francis lamented the fact that there is so much poverty in a world of plenty during his weekly general audience on Wednesday.

Universiade 2019


Universiade: Naples chamber of commerce sees 'positive effects'

'Large events can be driving force for economy' says Fiola


Accord signed for Fisciano village

Dining hall to offer 5 menus based on athlete nationality


UNISA stadium renovation plan presented

In Fisciano, Pasquale Vittorio stadium to be renovated