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May rivers of peace flow writes Francis in Juba

Peace and reconciliation pilgrim says Pope in South Sudan

Pope Francis said on arrival in South Sudan Friday on the second stage of his central African tour after the Democratic Republic of Congo that he was in the conflict-torn country as a pilgrim for peace and reconciliation.

Religious who think only of financial gain are scandalous

Respect celibacy, forget money pope tells DRC priests

Pope Francis told priests in the Democratic Republic of Congo Thursday that they should respect the rules of celibacy and forget about money.

Convert hearts, Francis tells victims in eastern Congo

Pope slams DRC massacres, rapes, may God have mercy on us

Pope Francis on Wednesday condemned the massacres and rapes in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo over recent decades, telling present victims and their absent perpetrators "may God have mercy on us all".

Poison of greed has made continent's diamonds bloody

Hands off Africa urges pope in Kinshasa

Pope Francis said on a visit to the Democratic Republic of Congo Tuesday that the world should take its hands off Africa, which was not a "mine to be exploited" for its natural and mineral resources.

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