Campaner, tumors a more curable disease with personalized medicine

But cancer will not be defeated, it's capable to adapt and evolve

Redazione ANSA

"Personalized medicine, also known as 'precision medicine', will certainly turn cancer into a more treatable disease. Progress will be possible thanks to an increasingly precise definition of the molecular profiles of the tumors affecting each individual patient. This step will allow us to develop therapies based on the genetic alterations that the tumor involves. I do not believe, however, that completely defeating the oncological disease will be possible, since the cancer cells have a remarkable capacity to adapt and evolve. Despite the use of specific therapies, these cells are able to adapt, putting in place mechanisms of resistance to the same therapies”. Elena Campaner, a researcher at the CIB National Laboratory in Trieste, a member of the molecular oncology group led by professor Del Sal.

"At any rate - the scientist added - the therapeutic approach which is typical of precision medicine will lead to a further increase in the survival of cancer patients. Once the definition of the genetic causes of the tumor will have been achieved - the scientist continued - it will be possible to design precise pharmacological treatments for that type of cancer, also identifying doses and times of drug delivery. It will also be possible - Campaner said - to predict the effectiveness of a specific treatment on an individual patient".