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Alpine passes are 'tight ropes' around export necks: Bonomi

Confindustria Head, we already see drops in freight transport

24 November, 15:34

(ANSA) - MILAN, NOV 24 - There are problems with "freight logistics. The four trans-Alpine passes today represent tight ropes around the neck of our exports," said Confindustria President Carlo Bonomi at the Lombardy World Summit 2023 organized by the Region.
    "More than 50 percent of our exports to the European Union pass through those crossings - he added -; we can already see that the container flows of the two largest port systems in the North, Genoa, and Trieste, have begun to record drops in transport in recent months. These are not issues that concern France, Switzerland, and Austria nationally, but they are a European issue because the flow of goods passing through them concerns the interdependence of entire chains of European manufacturing." (ANSA).

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