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    • 11:57
    • 27 feb

    Sending troops to Ukraine 'not in the interest' of the West

    Macron said the option was on the table
    • 10:33
    • 27 feb

    FM Tajani landed in Zagreb for the Italy-Croatia Committee

    Together with Minister of the Environment Pichetto Fratin
    • 18:12
    • 26 feb

    EBRD hosted Western Balkans Investment Summit in London

    Over 18 billion euros invested in the area to date
    • 17:13
    • 26 feb

    Last holdout Hungary ratifies Sweden's NATO bid

    Final obstacle for an enlargement of military alliance cleared
    • 16:15
    • 26 feb

    FM Tajani tomorrow in Zagreb

    For the Italy-Croatia Committee
    • 14:24
    • 26 feb

    Cccp - Fedeli alla Linea back in Berlin

    For the rebirth of the punk rock band
    • 13:41
    • 26 feb

    Slovenia: Foreign Minister hospitalized due to infection

    Fajon will likely remain at UKC Ljubljana a few days
    • 12:17
    • 26 feb

    Hungarian parliament to vote on Swedish NATO bid

    Last obstacle to Stockholm's membership
    • 12:09
    • 26 feb

    Serbia: Vucic starts consultations for the new government

    Opposition still contesting the vote
    • 12:08
    • 26 feb

    Denmark closes Nord Stream sabotage probe: police

    No necessary basis for pursuing a criminal case
    • 12:06
    • 26 feb

    Elections in Belarus, turnout 73%

    For the lower house of parliament and local councils
    • 16:02
    • 25 feb

    'Vucic has to decide which chair to sit on': Croatian FM

    Belgrade forwardes a protest note to the Croatian embassy
    • 13:39
    • 25 feb

    Belarus President Lukashenko to seek re-election next year

    Sunday's ballot is the first nationwide poll since 2020
    • 18:00
    • 24 feb

    Chinese electric car giant set to arrive in Hungary

    A Byd factory in Szeged. Orban, 'we are partner with Beijing'
    • 14:48
    • 24 feb

    Ukraine part of our home and we will defend it -Meloni at G7

    Antonov Airport symbol of Russian failure says PM before summit
    • 13:38
    • 24 feb

    Boc, innovation for all, we cannot leave anyone behind

    'Innovation Valleys is an opportunity. We need to work together'