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Russia's Lavrov says OSCE becoming 'appendage' of West

Organisation "is on the edge of a precipice"

30 November, 17:24

(ANSA-AFP) - SKOPJE, NOV 30 - Russia's top diplomat Sergei Lavrov accused the OSCE of becoming an "appendage" of NATO and the European Union on Thursday, in a speech slamming the West as Moscow's Ukraine invasion drags on. The OSCE (Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe) was founded to ease tensions between the East and the West during the Cold War. It helps its members co-ordinate on issues like human rights and arms control, but Moscow has increasingly accused the group of turning away from its founding principles. "The OSCE is essentially being turned into an appendage of NATO and the EU," Lavrov said at a meeting of OSCE foreign ministers in the North Macedonian capital Skopje. "The organisation, let's face it, is on the edge of a precipice. A simple question arises: does it make sense to invest in its revitalisation?" he added.

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