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FVG-Carinthia, cross-border workers demand more protections

Today in Coccau (Tarvisio), a survey on cross-border work

28 November, 13:58

(ANSA) - UDINE, 28 NOV - It is essential today to have a pro-European and tangible vision of cross-border territories, which are rich in opportunities but not without problems regarding worker protection.
    Among the urgencies reported directly by cross-border workers who are the subject of a specific study commissioned by CSIR, the Interregional Trade Union Council FVG-Carinthia, to researchers Daniel Spizzo and Erich Kirschner, presented today as a preview in Coccau (Tarvisio), in addition to certainties regarding social security and tax systems, prevails the demand for services related to mobility, housing search, family and school support, and training along with employment services.
    These issues were the focus of a meeting held today at the Customs Museum in Coccau, organized by the FVG-Carinthia Interregional Trade Union Council, attended by CISL, CGIL, UIL, and OGB, and attended by FVG Governor Peter Kaiser and FVG Regional Labor Councillor Alessia Rosolen, as well as several key EU representatives.
    "The goal is to enhance the potential of an extraordinary territory, focusing on quality employment and the labor market, which must be circular, i.e., capable of also providing for the exchange of workers and skills in an osmotic way," explained the CSIR president, Maria Teresa Bazzaro.
    "A goal that is undoubtedly ambitious, but necessary," reads a CSIR FVG-Carinzia statement, "if we want to enhance the experience of cross-border workers and also give voice and dignity to cross-border work, which is often not without obstacles. The task of the social partners is to provide support, information, and assistance to workers, but to encourage the construction of common paths, starting with skills training, as a factor of enrichment and growth of the territory." The meeting was sealed by the buffet, inspired by the traditional dishes of FVG and Carinthia, curated and served by the students of the Hotel School of Ial FVG, with the qualified assistance of their teachers. The students' participation in this, as in other outstanding institutional events, is an experience that enriches and completes their education. (ANSA).

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