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Ljubljana, Presidents of Cciaa New Alps-Adriatic Area Conference

In Gorica in 2024 the Economic and Information Forum Alpe Adria

11 November, 19:58

(ANSA) - TRIESTE, 11 NOV - he 12th Conference of Presidents of the New Alps Adriatic Network of Chambers of Commerce was held at the Slovenian Parliament in Ljubljana. The Venezia Giulia Chamber of Commerce, a promoter of the Network since its establishment, is part of this transnational network that includes 9 Cciaa and 7 regions from Italy (Fvg, Veneto, Province of Bolzano), Austria (Styria and Carinthia), Slovenia and Croatia (Counties of Istria and Primorsko Goranska). Speaking at the proceedings, Councilor Gianluca Madriz, representing President Antonio Paoletti, presented the Chamber's proposals for the Network's work plan for 2024.
    The main proposal, concerns the organization in Gorica in June '24 of the "Alpe Adria Economic and Information Forum." "The event aims at comparing the economies of the territories - noted Madriz - in the European context, in a constant comparison with the system of the main media of the area, with particular reference to the employment and production sectors, contributing to the creation and sharing of a continuous flow of news in the area itself". All this also in view of the creation of an Alpe Adria brand, which represents and conveys the importance and added value of the services provided by what is one of the most important supranational networks in Europe. Particular attention was focused on the territorial and economic fallout, of Nova Gorica - Gorizia European Capital of Culture 2025. The Cciaa VG indicated the need for a comparison on the activities carried out by the Cciaa in support of culture, creative and cultural enterprises and tourism, proposing in particular to the Slovenian Chambers the creation of a working table for a joint event, to be realized in 2025.Wide availability of the Chamber to participate in joint activities of the Alpe Adria Network, including within the Enterprise Europe Network, such as workshops and sectoral B2B events, fairs (with an invitation to Olio Capitale of exhibitors and buyers from the Alpe Adria regions), and especially in partnerships in EU projects, funded by transnational Interreg programs and to cross-border ones, with Slovenia, Austria and Croatia. (ANSA).

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