Roberto Bolle takes OnDance fest to Naples

Final show at Arena Flegrea with Bocelli, Bollani

(ANSA) - NAPOLI, 16 MAG - Roberto Bolle's 'OnDance' festival is opening in Naples on Saturday until Sunday in locations across the southern port city, including Piazza Municipio, Maschio Angioino, the seafront and Forcella.
    The final show will be held at the Arena Flegrea.
    "I am very happy to return to Naples after eight years", said Bolle.
    "It is a city that has always shown great affection, enthusiasm and admiration for me and I am even happier to take this great celebration of ballet here", said the star, noting that the local administration has provided "great support" for the event's organization.
    "This is my homage and thanks to this city".
    The first edition of 'OnDance' was held in Milan, where it will return in June.
    Bolle said that the event's purpose is to take "ballet out of elite places with the objective of getting everyone close to this art and, in order to succeed, it is necessary for dance to go to the places where people go".
    Dance classes open to everyone, including children, have been organized on the beachfront with genres ranging from classical ballet to hip hop, tango and modern and contemporary dance.
    The 'Red Bull Dance Your Style', a street dance competition, will be held in Piazza Dante.
    The public will pick the winners and the two finalists will participate in Milan's National Finals.
    The festival on Saturday night will move to Piazza Municipio where the protagonist will be swing while tango will star at the Maschio Angioino castle.
    The final show at the Arena Flegra on Sunday night will star Bolle and Nicoletta Manni, a principal dancer of Milan's La Scala Theater, with the participation of artists including tenor Andrea Bocelli, pianist Stefano Bollani and actress and singer Serena Rossi.
    Bolle in particular will perform on the notes of 'Con te partirò' (With you I will leave) with Bocelli and Bollani.
    A tribute will be paid to traditional Neapolitan songs.
    Tickets cost five euros and proceeds will go to the municipal space of Piazza Forcella 'Annalisa Durante' to support the Baby Song and Danzability projects of non-profit organization Scintilla.
    Bolle and well-known Neapolitan novelist Maurizio De Giovanni will take part in an open debate on Naples and art in Piazza Forcella.