Universiade: Coni, great opportunity

CONI Salerno provincial delegate says challenge now is upkeep

(ANSA) - Salerno, August 4 - CONI Salerno provincial delegate Paola Berardino told ANSA that now that the 2019 Summer Universiade, which took place in Naples and Campania July 3-14, is over, the biggest challenge will be maintaining the newly restored sporting facilities.
    "The Universiade was an unrepeatable event, a great opportunity also from the point of view of sporting facilities, which are always suffering," Berardino said.
    "Thanks to the Universiade there was development in some of the facilities, which are now in ideal condition to host even international events. The entire region participated enthusiastically in this event, which brought many important sporting results to our country," she said.
    "I hope that the structures can remain the jewels that they are, that they can be taken care of, because it's not often that such favourable occasions happen for facilities. The hope, in addition, is that the structures can host other events, because the organisational component also worked at its best," she said.


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